Class Action Lawsuits


Thousands of Zantac lawsuit claims are going to be filed throughout the next several years simply claiming Zantac causes breast cancer. In fact, this could turn out to be a very profitable industry for attorneys and law firms who represent those filing Zantac lawsuit claims. After all, when so many people claim that Zantac products caused them to develop particular illnesses and conditions, it makes sense that many of these individuals would then seek monetary damages through Zantac Lawsuit claims.

Unfortunately, in all of the thousands of Zantac cancer lawsuits currently active in federal court, very few of these cases have been successful in obtaining compensatory damages or awards of any kind. Indeed, there is only one successful case so far in which a jury has awarded actual compensation to a former Zantac employee who was suffering from cancer as a result of using Zantac. The victim, identified as AD-9123 had won his Zantac Lawsuit against Zantac USA, but was only compensated with a symbolic payment of one dollar. This extremely disappointing result is attributable in large part to the failure of the courts to understand the clear financial impacts of a cancer drug to a working individual. This lack of understanding is indeed a problem. Federal courts are generally well-equipped to properly understand the financial realities of a case such as this, but there is little reason why those reviewing your potential case should not also be aware of these realities. You'll want to view here for more class action lawsuit info now. 

As the Zantac Lawsuit demonstrates, many of these victims were initially misdiagnosed as having cancer by their own doctor. Subsequently, their lawsuits were not paid by generic manufacturers who manufactured the drugs that falsely diagnosed their patients to have cancerous conditions. In addition, generic manufacturers have been recently fined by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading the public about the health risks associated with using their products. These examples present a strong case that it is important for victims of these types of cases to hire a competent lawyer to represent them on their behalf.

One of the main arguments advanced by attorneys handling Zantac Lawsuit cases is that these victims suffered much less damage than is typically awarded in a Class Action lawsuit. Plaintiffs who pursue a Class Action lawsuit have the advantage of a multitude of witnesses and medical experts who can testify regarding their pain and suffering. Victims who pursue such lawsuits also have the benefit of a ready pool of funds to potentially receive if their case is successful. These are some strong arguments that merit additional review by a Circuit Court Judge.

The Zantac Lawsuit demonstrates that generic drugs, even those manufactured by reputable companies, can cause severe harm when used without proper supervision or the presence of a medical monitoring system. generic manufacturers may be able to avoid facing liability in these lawsuits if they develop drugs that incorporate monitoring systems that require prescriptions by medical monitors in order to be distributed to pharmacies. Zantac Lawsuit plaintiffs' lawyers argue that since the U.S Food and Drug Administration have recognized that generic ranitidine is just as safe as the brand name version, they are required by law to warn consumers about this safety issue. This information should be easily available to all consumers, particularly those with chronic illnesses or those at high risk for developing cancer, AIDS, or other life threatening diseases. Consider this website for options on class action lawsuits now. 

The Zantac Lawsuit is noteworthy because it highlights an important issue. Generic drugs may be perfectly safe, but some medicines including at least one approved drug have been associated with serious side effects such as pancreatitis, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and depression. Many people afflicted with these types of diseases have no other option but to take these powerful medications in order to sustain their lives. While Zantac Lawsuit plaintiffs' lawyers may ultimately prevail in their class action lawsuit, however, the cost of health care and attorney fees will likely force many of them to accept defeat before reaching a settlement. If you are unable to obtain either partial or full compensation, you may wish to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.